New England’s Leading Distributor
of Health Station Kiosks

Since 1977, Lectro-Med, Inc has placed over 1000 health stations throughout New England in pharmacies, supermarkets, work sites, medical facilities, colleges, health clubs and hospitals. We offer full service, sales and customer support. We carry only the best units in the industry, such as Vita-Stat, Merge, HIGI and Healthbot.

Which Model is right for you?

A Health Station is the most cost effective tool in the area of biometric screening. Proactive biometric screening is an invaluable way for users to monitor their major health risk factors. Research has proven that productivity identifying hypertension and other major health risk factors saves lives. Early identification of major risk factors can also result in a tremendous reduction in health care costs. Providing a Health Station is also a cost effective and efficient way to keep users aware of their health and comply with doctors orders.

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There are several models of Health Stations available. From simple units that will perform the basics of measuring systolic/diastolic pressure and pulse readings, to models that provide comprehensive biometric readings such as: weight, BMI, body fat and blood oxygen percentage. Some of our advanced units have internet access, touch screen, printers, datastorage and are wheel chair accessibile. Purchase prices range from $1,495 to $8,495 and lease rates range from $49 to $299 per month.